We wanted something simple and fun, so we made a mini-golf experience!

What it does

It makes you less stressed. Or maybe more. Depends on whether you like crazy golf ball physics.

How we built it

We built models in Maya and imported them into Unity. We scripted in C#, and used a package called VRTK to handle VR interactions.

Challenges we ran into

VRTK is sophisticated, but powerful. Using it properly was tricky.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The models Oliver made turned out amazing. VRTK was difficult to use, but well worth it. Furthermore, the two less experienced team members learned a great deal.

What we learned

Virginia got a lesson in Maya, Gary got some serious Unity experience, Oliver got deeper insight into texturing, and Dana learned how to use VRTK.

What's next for Par For The Course

We enjoyed making Par For The Course, and we're satisfied with the current version.

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