Inspired came from personal expirience with injuries doing physical therapy remotely during covid.

What it does

PAPT is a website which helps with physical therapy and exercises at home. PAPT measures your body movements to ensure you are doing every exercise correctly which can help prevent exercise born injuries.

How we built it

Languages used include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. First PAPT started out as a website on Qoom with minimal html then the idea of making a mobile app came about but due to minimal knwledge of implementing APIs on Xcode and countless bugs it was then decided to instead make a website. The site then started on (an IDE more familiar) started out with one page of html then expanded adding css and links to make functionality and then learning to code Usage of Camera to measure accuracy of specific stretches. Then crashed and the project was then moved over to Qoom again which was a setback due to the API functionality depleting and not being able to see camera feedback. Neverless the cite persisted and grew on a feedback page and a Contact Us page as well as a fact generator to help combat for loss of some functionality. And now PAPT is an MVP (minimum viable product)

Challenges we ran into

Loss of API functionality when transferred over to Qoom from replit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing API(js) coding an auto-scroll(js) constructing a feedback form(js) making a message generator(js) making a fact generator(js)

What we learned

I've significantly improved my javascript as you can see by looking at the accomplishments. It wasn't easy and consisted many debugging debacles and trial and error. I've learned that with enough patience (and youtube videos) the sky is the limit.

What's next for PAPT

fixing issue with js in qoom that doesn't appear in older version more exercises!! functioning searchbar make a mobile app verion called Remote PAPT because the phone is the remote (get it) fixing bug in rep counter

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