We were inspired by the continuing culture of hand-writing documents in Japan, such as the still prevalent use of the fax machine, and wanted to provide a service that would allow this culture to be seamlessly incorporated into a digital system. We therefore wanted to create an easy way for shop owners to log data regarding their sales and to have an online presence, particularly as many independent stores may be maintaining a paper-documentation system.

What it does

The project provides a service for sellers wishing to store their wares within the Terrada warehouse storage facility. In three parts - a seller app, a warehouse-employee app, and an online storefront - the service allows for sellers to simply hand-write their documentation, and then takes it from there.

The seller app uses image recognition (Google cloud vision API) to lift text from a photograph of a handwritten item descriptor form, digitalising and then storing and displaying the data as an item profile, including details such as item name, price, etc. A photograph of the item is also pulled and displayed on the profile once the item has been sent into storage and a photograph taken using the warehouse employee app, through the Minikura API. The seller app also provides a log of sales history for the seller to view.

Finally, the item profiles are created on the webshop, using data pulled from the Minikura API. Orders are placed directly to the seller thorough the webshop, and then the items are sent from the Terrada warehouse direct to the buyer.

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