Paper Route

Allows users to quickly catch up on the popular news using a compiled, curated, list of articles. We can get relevant news within different time frames, with separate categories such as World news, Politics, Business, Science, and Technology.

Landing Page of Paper Route

Key Features

  • Allow users the options to read the most popular news from various times.
  • Focus on news with article popularity that is ranked by article activity.
  • Stores user cache to provide articles based on elapsed time.
  • Streamlined user-friendly interface.

What Next

  • Implement article categories
  • Further curate articles based on personal-interest and geolocation
  • Change static time intervals to dynamic intervals to expand on user usage


This was a first Hackathon for 3/4 members in our team. We were able to effectively delegate the workload and take personal responsibility for a major facet of the app's success. We're very proud of the work we put into developing a clean, and interesting platform and feel that our idea should be shared with others.

Built With

  • Python - Main language
  • Flask - Web framework
  • [HTML/CSS/JQuery] - Web design


Omer Khan - OKLodhi

Jarar Bangash - Jarar14

Basem Khan - BMKhan0604

Johnathan Dang - IsraIV


KSU & Hack K-State

Major League Hacking

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