This is only the beginning! We have been thinking about building out an ACH payment processor for a couple of months and I am excited to see that we will be able to take it to production soon.

What we are submitting is the gist of the project working with sandbox credentials. You can see it live at! The project is meant for mobile but there are only 2 to 3 templates we need to modify to have it work well for desktop as well.

Key parts that make our app function are global modals, properly implemented meteor methods, deny rules and collection white-listing for security, simple publishers (no relationships yet but the package is ready), custom forms, and a heavily modified version of twitter bootstrap.

What makes our web app different is the team. Marcelo Reyna (me) is the only Meteor developer in the team while Peter Vogt is a UI/UX designer that wants to learn how to use Meteor. This project was an excellent opportunity to show Peter how to build something decent quickly.

Packages Used included in an image

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