General Ideas

The App we made is called PaperPlane, which enable you to make a 'PaperPlane' carried you message, voices and pics (pic function is under developing) around.


This App is focused on send and receive PaperPlanes by Location. All users will keep anonymous. Just like make a real PaperPlane in our childhood. We make a PaperPlane, write something down, sent it to somewhere, and hope someone else can receive it. When you make a Digital PaperPlane, the process is the same, you can even see the process of making it step by step. When you finished and decided to send your plane, you can walk around with your iPhone, and drag it, slide up, the plane will fly to a place based on you current location and direction. Also you can see the 'Map View' , find and receive others' plane nearby.



We use Google-map APIs to get Users' locations and the directions they faced. Based on these data, the server will send the final landing location for the PaperPlane.

Our sever is based on self-made framwork, with aid of Apache Thrift and MongoDB.

UI Design

The main purpose of our Design is to make the PaperPlane looks real and vivid. We implemented all these UIs by ourselves.

For the map, we chose the color-painting layer; For animation of making the plane and 'slide up' action also tried to make the plane vivid. Also, the audio recording and Pics*(under developing) will follow the same philosophy.


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