Aspects from mystery/puzzles games were taken to create a game that would allow players to understand both the good and bad experiences in student life. We also hoped to remind students to take care of themselves.

What it does

In Paper Trail, you are a university student in a shared dormitory. However, your roommate mysteriously disappeared two weeks ago. With no information on their whereabouts other than a USB drive on their desk, you decide to investigate the drive to hopefully determine what happened to your roommate. However, among the files you expected to find, there turns out to be more than meets the eye…

How we built it

Paper Trail was built in Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic for Applications.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part for us was determining what idea to pursue and determining the storyline of the game. We also had no prior experience working with VBA, nor is it a language intended for game development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the concept that we came up with, and that we managed to create a game in Microsoft Excel, especially considering none of us had used VBA before.

What we learned

We learnt how powerful Microsoft Excel can be, especially when paired with VBA. We also became somewhat familiar with VBA.

What's next for Paper Trail

Continue refining the story and the files in the game to further develop the game's depth and impact.

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