Creating Paper snowflakes was one of my favourite activity of Crafts class in school. You Fold a piece of paper, make some Cuts, Open the paper, and get a beautiful Snowflake. After I learned writing code and Apps, I thought 'What if I could make this whole process digital' and created Paper Snow. The same experience, but you do it with an App and touch instead of paper and scissors.

What it does

Select a Fold type - Create markings on the folded paper and Cut - Open the folded paper to get your beautiful Paper Snow - Share the Snowflake to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other App installed on your device.

To create markings on Paper for cutting, you can draw straight & curvy lines with Touch or use the built-in shapes and easily create beautiful snowflakes. After the Paper Snow is ready, you can replace the default wood background with any Picture from your device.

How I built it

I used Windows 8 SDK and build the App with WinRT framework using Xaml for UI and C# for code.

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest challenges was to let user draw on paper and making the exact cut, irrelevant of the screen size or resolution. Thanks to the Xaml UI framework and some math, this was easily solved.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've got a lot of reviews on Windows Store from parents that their children love the App and are creating beautiful snowflakes. It's always great to have them interested in creative stuff vs candy games. :)

What's next for Paper Snow

I'm planning to convert this Windows 8.1 App to Windows 10 UWP with same App package for all devices, from phones to PCs (and someday Hololens!). Also, lots of new features like printing your cuts on a Paper to re-create your perfect snowflake physically!

New features for Multi-Touch Multi-Hack

I added ability to resize and rotate available shapes with multi-touch. While you have the folded paper, you can add an available shape to cut after moving, resizing, or rotating it to your liking.

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