Currently, the majority of the people who do take lessons from a music teacher do so by meeting up with the instructor at a certain location. Being a piano player myself, I have always wished that there was a way to take piano lessons remotely without having to spend 3 hours on the road going to the instructor's house. Further more, because the piano is such a big object, players are often limited to play at certain locations. Our hack allows people to play piano INTERACTIVELY with another player/instructor at ANY location. Our keyboard can be folded in to a cylinder of the size of a water bottle which means that it is very easily carried around. Whatever the instructor is playing, the student can directly visualize it through our on board led. Our product is connected through our own web app that allows real-time command transfer from client to client. The server backend code is written in nodejs on heroku. It takes advantage, sending command data through sockets. The web backend code is available at

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