Paper Kites

Ying-Kai Huang - multi - platform connection and programming Dana Adylova - animation and programming Ayana Adylova - design and programming

We created a game using SpriteKit called Paper Kites. The game can support up to two players, with single player and multiplayer game modes. The goal of the game is to stay alive as long as possible (in single player mode) or to outlive your opponent (in multiplayer mode). A user has to download both the OSX application and the iOS application. The iOS application acts as a joystick controller for the game, whereas the OSX application is the main display for the game itself. Upon running the iOS application, a user has to connect to a host OSX app and then use the joystick to control a kite in the game. The tail of the kite represents its life, and there are different obstacles like snow, rain, birds, and opponent’s kite can damage it. Popping air balloons has a chance of in acquiring additional lives.
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