We have seen the problem where a lot of organizations, non-profits, corporations, and many event managers are unable to utilize the information that they collect. Over 70% of the world still uses paper surveys to collect data and feedback. It's a laborious task to input all of the paper information into the computer. We wanted to solve this problem.

What it does

We built a website where the user can create a survey and print it out with a unique ID. The user can distribute the printed survey to collect data and feedback. Once they get the surveys back, they can scan the surveys with their phone and upload it onto the website. This is connected to AWS S3 which will link with the unique identifier. Then, it will use Computer Vision to detect the information in the survey and digitalize it. This includes free response questions, checklists, and multiple choice answers. It uses a Google API to convert hand-written text into digital text. Finally, the website enables digital visualization, which allows the user to easily look at the visualized data and learn quickly about the user's customers.

How we built it

Amazon Amplify to host the website Amazon S3 to store documents and call APIs for certain functions.

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating the PDF from JS was a small code bump.
  • Accessing the Amazon S3 API with Javascript (without Node.js).
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision were more difficult than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The code runs and the Computer Vision was able to recognize and digitalize the information on the paper.
  • The UI is clean, sleek, and mobile responsive.

What we learned

  • Anything is possible when you work diligently with laser focus.

What's next for Paper CV

  • Publish this on Github and make it Open Source for all to use.

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