As they say, friendship is never anything but sharing. However, almost every medium of sharing comes with its own set of challenges and may require a previous point of contact. Platforms of social media and cloud are great at sending information, but require a tedious authentication process and need both parties to consent and share their contact details. This adds unnecessary protocol to an otherwise innocent and streamlined objective.

What it does

Paper makes full use of the present - it cares about the here and now. You might be attending an event looking to grow your network, sitting in on a lecture looking desperately for a pdf of your textbook, or hanging out with friends and trading those really silly pictures that never found their way out of your phone - Paper is always a swipe away from helping you share your contacts, trade pdfs, and shoot those pictures out of your phone.

How It Works

Paper as a service provides a framework to cluster phones based on location. If you are hanging out with your friends on a Friday night, the app will automatically detect and enable you to share your files within the group with a swipe. This skips the extra overhaul of signing up for an authenticated service and adding new contacts. The mobile app sends the information to our back-end NodeJS server which then points the package towards the right destination(s), providing a cloud-based solution for fast, efficient, and local file sharing.

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