I was interested in building a really inexpensive and high quality proxy network. Most competitors have high prices for their services and I wanted to reduce them as much as possible, without losing quality.

What it does

We distribute the load between the IP-addresses so that the client does not feel the difference between our and personal proxies, but still receive a service several times lower than the cost of IP-addresses.

Challenges I ran into

It was not easy to distribute the load correctly among all the clients. It was important that their tasks did not overlap on the same IP address. This is not easy to achieve and we continue to move in this direction.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to create a product that is not perfect, but it works :)

What I learned

Learned how to work with clients, solve their pains and problems. It was not easy, because the client believes that if he pays little, then the quality should be the same as the most expensive services, but it is almost impossible to achieve this.

What's next for PapaProxy

Of course, we really want to increase our IP volume significantly. However, right now there is some shortage of pure IPv4 addresses, so we are facing some difficulties. The market is being taken over by services with resident proxies, but we continue to work with legally clean data center addresses, thanks to which our corporate clients are not experiencing legal difficulties.

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