Interviewing is a necessary step to almost every job application. Practicing for interviews greatly improves your performance, but it is often hard to know what to expect from an interview if you’ve never experienced one. Receiving feedback from practice interviews comes at various levels of quantity and quality. We created this product because we often find ourselves struggling to align our interview styles with the male-dominated work force. Traditionally women exhibit certain behaviors during interviews that can clash with current company culture, such as using we instead of I and speaking in a passive manner.

What it does

Our product, Pantsuit up, is focused on streamlining the interviewing process, from question prompting to straight-forward, personalized feedback. Using our innovative web platform users are able to enter details from their resume and engage in a real-time interview with Sierra, our intelligent interviewer. Sierra uses AI and machine learning to create a personalized interview based on the user's input, and prompts the user with commonly asked interview questions. At the end of the interview, Sierra will provide data and suggestions in several areas of possible improvement, including speed, confidence, personality, ownership, passiveness, length of answers, and repetition.

How we built it

The web app is built on the Django framework and deployed through Heroku. For the front-end, we used Javascript/HTML/CSS to design the user-facing part of the app; for the back-end, we used Python for Text-To-Speech/Speech-To-Text functionality and data processing. We integrated the Indico API for text analysis to generate key feedback for the user, and the pyttsx library for the TTS.

Challenges we ran into

One of the largest challenges came from pivoting halfway through the second day. We were planning on using an Amazon Echo to act as our interviewer. We did not find out that this would not work until day 2, where we then scrambled to create a web app that would function similarly. Integration of the back end that we had previously written and the front end proved to be very difficult, resulting in a late night.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of how professional our product looks.

What we learned

We learned to ensure technical feasibility sooner rather than later. We also learned the importance of taking breaks during long work sessions - it helps clear your head and get blood moving.

What's next for (pant)suit up

Pantsuit up will be continuing to improve the functionality of the product, and adding in new features. These features would include expanding the product to interviewers with different accents and cadences, and allowing for more personalization based on user input (interview length, number of questions, varying levels of difficulty, questions on specific products, etc.). One especially exciting new feature would be the ability to practice technical interviews, since our app currently focuses on behavioral.

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