Panopticons have their origins in greek meaning all-seeing or seeing the whole in one view. Panotrader aims to accomplish the same for traders dealing with financial stock markets. Financial traders use a variety of applications on mobile phones and desktop/laptop applications for trading stocks, bonds and commodities. While these applications handle their demands pretty effectively, the trade off between mobility and screen size is sometimes, very decisive in these fast paced real time environments.

3D augmented reality displays can reconcile this concern effectively. Our application will support augmented multi monitor displays in 3D space for doing real time trading and stock monitoring. Traders will be able to view in real time, financial video news, currency quotes, detailed charts, personal portfolios and financial indices such as NASDAQ, AMEX in the finance and commodity markets simultaneously. After speaking with some existing traders and seeing the reviews of various existing mobile applications, we felt that 3D augmented reality trading can provide the trader with mobility as well as save sufficient office set up space while providing the full viewability and interactiveness of a traditional multi monitor desktop application.

Moverio, with its convenient display, built in sensors, connectivity and portability is the ideal product for accessing real time trading information on the go. It is the ideal platform for us to build an effective financial trading application for traders in stock markets and provide a novel interface for trading in financial markets.

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