With the widespread development of the panorama technology in recent years, we could use this technology in more and more areas. For the public, it gives us a completely different way to explore our world combined with specific devices such as Gear VR and Oculus. Now we will apply panorama to the broadcasting of sports events, which is a new attempt. From the broadcasting of sports events, we could obtain much useful information and enjoy a good feeling. However, traditional broadcasting of sports events is a passive process, which means we, the audience, could just follow the camera or reporter to accept the information passively. In this way, the audience are constricted, for lots of interesting information and views are missed. Let me take a football match as an example. When we watch a football match on TV, the camera will always follow the player with the ball. Admittedly no one could blame that since this player is the focus on the pitch. But for some audience, this may be not a good reason to convince them. Sometimes audience want to focus on a specific player just because it is his or her favorite football player. Furthermore, some TV audience even want to observe the expression of the live audience or just a wild flower on the pitch. Under this condition, traditional way for news reporting will not satisfy these audience. Now, this condition will never happen, if we apply panorama technology to this field. In our project, we plan to use the drone equipped with panoramic camera instead of the reporter with traditional camera to broadcast the sports events, specifically a football match. In this way, we could obtain the 360° panoramic views. Then we will develop an application, to which we load our panoramic views. This application is optimized for Gear VR and Galaxy note4. For audience, when we use the Gear VR to watch a football match through the application, we could move our heads to observe the match from different angles freely. In this application, it will display the information about scores and time on the top of screen. Around the screen there are a few icon tooltips which are dynamic. From these tooltips, audience could obtain the position of ball, specific players, incidents (getting a red card), etc. On the bottom of screen, it displays several buttons, and one button represents a specific player. When audience touch buttons, there will be 3 actions: 1) corresponding players will be tracked, and their positions will be displayed as the icon tooltips.2) the background information will be displayed on the left side of screen (closeable). 3) at the same time, audience could also explore the views freely. In addition, we will set up an auto-track mode. In this mode, system would always track a player and audience would always see this player on screen without any operation. We believe that through this system, audience will obtain a more immersive match-watching feeling.

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