Team: Kernel hisPanic Date: 11/3/16 Project: Panopticon

Executive Summary

Panopticon- “A vantage point in which everything is visible.”

One of the biggest problems farm owners face today is data aggregation. While many other industries have caught up and embraced the idea of decentralized computing, the farming industry is straggling behind. Most farmers do not maintain data, and of those that do, many of them do so with pen and paper.

We call our solution “Panopticon.” It is a Platform-as-a-Service style management system created for use by Farm Owners. The Farm Owners will have access to this data and will be able to make any changes/recommendations based on the data. The purpose of this management system is to allow for a painless data collection that is accessible to those that can reference it and make use of it; moreover, the management system will be organized in a manner that is easy to understand. This service will help management better identify the unnecessary risks their subordinates may be taking and to see if any changes could be made to their IIPP to provide farm workers with a safer work environment.


While our application is designed to primarily be used by farm owners, it was designed with both farm owners and crew leaders in mind as they will both play an instrumental roles in this application . With Panopticon, farm owners are able to generate a fully featured data management system of their farming facilities on demand, powered by the data provided to them by their crew leaders. The backend is designed with a Django-SQLlite stack and the front end is designed with typical web technology (HTML, javascript, ajax, etc). A typical workflow is as follows: A farm owners creates a Panopticon instance, initializes it with actual data and workers, workers act as sentinels by collecting data on metrics such as productivity and health, and this data can then be viewed by the farmer through graphs which would allow for trends to be found and eventually improve working conditions based on the information.

This project, rather than trying to innovate ways to gather information, finds ways to store and display it in elegant ways. There is functionality for real time data visage, live processing, and extensible dynamic model generation to allow users to store data of forms that we don’t necessarily need to explicitly implement.

Every attached shows full features. We attached live screenshots: Landing page/registration: Incident management: Incident analytics: Employee Management (ignore the junk data names):

Facility sector/facility management and analytics:

Below is an example of a possible architecture using our platform. Although the inclusion of the weather API is not part of our requirements, it is an example of an API that is easy to implement with our platform:

IN THE WORKS: Live data visualization (Javi + Alex) Deploy to Digital Ocean (Ruben) Dynamic data models (Ruben) Export to CSV (Ruben) Android wrapper (Jose) OSX wrapper (Jose) Dataset Testing (All)

Team Lead

Our Team Lead is Ruben Madera. Area owners: Ruben - Back end, system architect, optimist Jose - Front end web application/Mobile development, cynicist Alex - Back end live data visualization, good cop Javier - Front end live data visualization, bad cop Kevin - Add functionality to back end web application, the voice of reason

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