With so many applications available, we were surprised there were none to help users having panic attacks. Due to the neglected issue of mental health in this country, we felt it was necessary start somewhere and offer a service to benefit communities.

What it does

We wanted to create a simple and easy-to-use website that with a click of a button, it sends a notification to predetermined emergency contacts (i.e. parent/guardian, therapist, or friend).

When an area experiences high-frequencies of panic-attacks, crisis centers are notified if over 10% of the community has had a panic attack in the last month. With the crisis centers, we plan on using this data to initiate community action to raise awareness of coping skills.

How we built it

We split up the work between the three of us. Sam and Natalie worked on creating the website in HTML/JavaScript/CSS. Olga worked on the graphic design aspect of the project such as creating logos. Natalie worked on trying to get a working database in MySQL and php.

Challenges we ran into

Originally we panned on working with Azure for our database however we could not get it to work in combination MySQL and php. In addition the text notification software we planned on using ended up having to be paid for, so we dropped that.

What's next for Panic Switch

Getting a proper domain working with our Linode server and figuring out how to send notifications to emergency contacts.

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