Inspiration 💡

We came up with the idea while we were panicking. After discussing some common causes of distress and anxiety that we have experienced, as well as doing research on the topic, we decided that it would be suitable for us to create a project that us and all our friends can use.

The fires represent sources of anxiety or depression. While we may be tempted to ignore our problems when distressed, or to make rash decisions, the easiest solution may not always be the best solution, and may even result in your "fires" growing bigger.

What it does 🔍

We created it with the goal to educate and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own mental health and wellness, and to encourage them to practice mindfulness in the long term.

These features include:

  • Gamified Learning Scenarios
  • Mental Health Myth Debunking
  • Helplines + Complementary Resources

How we built it 🔧

  • It is built with the use of HTML/CSS and Javascript, particularly with the use of the pixiJS library for some cool animations in the interactive game.
  • Many many hours of coding and reading documentation :')

Challenges we ran into 🏃‍♂️

  • It was difficult for us to determine what we are able to complete in the very short span of time during the hackathon.
  • There were a number of technical challenges that arose from us not understanding how Pixi.js worked in the beginning or what was the scope of what Pixi.js could accomplish which made it even more difficult to plan what we wanted to create
  • There were some issues with hosting our website on as github has added new updates due to privacy issues, preventing some components of our website from running
  • Getting heroku to work last minute was a challenge as well

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏅

  • Managing to scrape together enough information to set up the site on Heroku after the pixi.js component failed to load on (keeping calm and doing our best not to panic!)
  • Managed to create a cohesive website with proper navigation and layout!

What we learned 🧠

Increased awareness about mental health

We learned the importance of mental health among youths these days. Mental health stigma is still evident in the community, even though there have been attempts to combat it.

Technical knowledge and experience

  • I learnt how to use Heroku properly for the first time and published my very first website on Heroku, far exceeding my own expectations for my first Heroku site!
  • We also learnt how to use Pixi.js from scratch during the hackathon, and created our very first website which featured a Pixi.js based game, something I have been wanting to do for a while now.
  • Learned more about how game animation works for the web from the pixi.js tutorials we looked through

What's next for Panic! No more ⏭️

  • Hope to be able to use it as a platform for students to better prepare and equip themselves with knowledge of mental health, to help themselves and others.
  • Gamified Learning Scenarios - Expansion of the possible scenarios to reach more than just situations faced due to academic stress, but also venture into the field of relationship issues, family pressure as well as adulting stress.
  • More engaging simulations to encourage the players to power through the difficult and unfamiliar situations presented in the game
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