My friend has been struggling with panic attacks. To my surprise, one million other people experience panic attacks every month in the US as well. Given my background in design and software, and my experience working at Netflix, I decided to find a solution that would help my friend and many others. I believe we can do better for panic attack victims.

What is it

A panic kit that provides panic attack victims with a pair of EEG sensing glasses and a self-assistance mobile app for overcoming panic attacks in real-time.

The mobile app communicates with the wireless glasses and provides real-time treatments (including CBT) helping the patient relax, and slow down until their brain goes back to a normal state.

Each time you complete a goal, a point (★) is added to your score board and your recovery health indicator (♥) increases. After the recovery indicator gets to a 100%, treatment is completed and the patient has fully recovered from the panic attack.

The Panic Glasses can learn the brain’s patterns and triggers over time and helps predict and avoid future attacks.

How I built it

The Panic Kit

  • Smith Lowdown Focus - a consumer wireless EEG sensing device intended to develop high levels of attention.

The Mobile App

  • Angular + Firebase

Challenges I ran into

  • It is very difficult to detect is someone is slowing down their breathing from their brainwave patterns
  • How to properly position the brand and appeal to the audience

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Designed and coded MVP (code is on GitHub)
  • Used a lot of open-source code including my own
  • Built something that can make people’s lives better. No one should have to go through panic attacks alone.

What I learned

  • Learned a lot about my audience and how much a solution like this one is needed
  • Working with brain data to filter based on certain frequency range that map to human cognitive states

What's next for Panic Glasses

  • Ability to add your doctor to your profile
  • Add panic attack prediction feature
  • Add personalized triggers so the app can learn more and assist better
  • Talk to more panic attack victims and learn more about their pain points

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