Botty-bot-bot-bot is a Slack bot we use in a large Slack group chat. It can compose haikus, play games, and generate images with a single command. However, until now, it hasn't had a presence in real life!

What it does

The panic eggplant is Botty's real-world avatar. With two wacky waving arms and a fresh eggplant from the grocery store, it's capable of many different functions, all of which involve flailing.

How we built it

We used one of the TerribleHack robot kits, a lot of cardboard, and a few 9g RC servos. On the PC side, a Python bridge connects Botty to the Panic Eggplant using PyBlueZ.

Challenges we ran into

One of the servos burnt out after I tied both power lines to ground and the signal line high. Luckily, we had a replacement on hand.

Getting the bluetooth stack set up took a while, as did actually making things connect. There's like no documentation for this it seems.

What's next for Panic Eggplant

Panic Eggplant will soon be moving to New York to start its independent music career. Subscribe to their twitter for tour announcements, flailing GIFs, and more.

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