It is a dark and stormy night. You are wandering in the middle of the woods, on the run from an insane axe murderer. You clutch your phone in your hands as you duck behind a patch of bushes. You want desperately to call 911 or other forms of law enforcement and give them your location and other information, but doing so would give away your position to the murderer who lurks nearby. You can hear his heavy breath and smell the heinous odor permeating from his body, when suddenly you remember that you have the Panic Button App installed on your phone. With the click of a button, you silently send law enforcement your location and tell them that you need help. The police arrive shortly after and you escape unscathed!
 The main purpose of the Panic Button App is to alert others (loved ones, law enforcement or otherwise) of your location and that you need help all in the click of a button. It is a very versatile device that works for a variety of circumstances--not just when you're being chased by an axe murderer. Whether you're in an emergency and unable to make a call or you're extremely drunk and don't want to get into a car crash, the Panic Button will help inform your loved ones or the police of the danger you're in, or could potentially be in. The Panic Button is a combination of many smaller applications. With a click of the Panic Button, a text message with youar location is sent, a call is made and law enforcement could be informed. 
 Going into this project, we faced a plethora of challenges--it was not an easy road. Being new to mobile application development, we had to pretty much learn and start programming from the ground up, but we were aided by the usage of various APIs that we found online. Throughout the Hackathon, our team got a combined 2-3 hours of sleep, for we could not waste a second in the construction of this grandiose application. With the help of mentors, the internet and by simply putting our minds together, we were able to conquer a slue of programming problems, which resulted with our polished final product. Being able to learn so much and still successfully complete this application without having hardly any prior experience with mobile development is a great accomplishment that we are very proud of. 
 In the future, there are many aspects relating to our project that we would definitely like to improve upon. First and foremost, we would like to design a more inviting User Interface. During our 24-hour race against the clock, we found that visual appeal was not one of our main priorities and thus, this area suffered in exchange for increased usability. In addition to this, we would also like to perhaps add voice recognition features, utilize the camera to take pictures of the victims or the attackers and simply broaden the scope of the project as a whole. In the future, we know there will be many people placed in dangerous situations around the world, but we're hoping that with the Panic Button we can help reduce that number.  


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