We got inspiration from research, this is because we found out there was a system already in the community. Now this system is majorly to ensure that all stake holders are accountable to what is happening. This system is majorly to improve on how the community reports and how the incidents are responded to.

What it does

Communities report in a timely manner
Relaxation on responding to illegal activities is minimized
All relevant stakeholders involved
Efficiency in performance through Monitoring and evaluating illegal wildlife activities

How we built it

The system will be built using HTML5, CSS3, PHP5+, and other associated languages the probable database management software to be used is MySql but we are open to using any other database management software.

Challenges I ran into

Since it is a big group, we have to take a lot of time to make decisions and sometimes we had to make decision because could not always meet as one group.
There were a lot of nice ideas raised by group members and we had to leave out some very good ideas so as to make the system complete within the time scale. Some of the ideas, we think will be used to update the system at later stages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With this system, there will be feedback to the community on how cases are being handled through the focal leaders.
The enforcers and other stakeholders are monitored since the cases reported will be viewed by verified authorities. So everyone will be held accountable, not like it is right now where one person is called and might not be held accountable.

What we learned

Zoohackathon has given us a platform to work as a team and learn from each other. Some of us did not know that we can come up with such a simple system but still effective. There was a lot of knowledge shared and expriences from Health, Education, life among others.

What's next for Pangolin Path

Pangolin Path is a prototype that is going to be developed into a system. This will help combat the activities of illegal wildlife trafficking in Uganda, the system further be shared with other countries that will see the need but we thought, we need to save from Uganda first, since charity begins at home.

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posted an update

Pangolin Path is not only an app that will empower law enforcement agencies to identify gaps in responding to illegal wildlife activities but also empowering all stakeholders including rescue organizations, customs agencies to actively participate in saving wildlife.

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