The original concept came from Agnes Li, a teammate who unfortunately could not continue with the hackathon. I came up with the name. We just needed something to get started with, and an animal is a common inspiration. Pangolins are not as trendy as, say, sloths or cats.

What it does:

Pangolin is an incentive program to encourage students to complete online classes. Users (or their parents) put money into an account that reimburses them in PangoPoints to the degree that they finish their work. Users earn PangoPoints for completed courses. When they finish, they redeem the points. They can then either trade the points in at the online store, earn Bitcoin with them, or pay bills (with a Bitcoin to cash arrangement). If the actual money is at a remove, with a couple of degrees of separation, there is less of a feeling that students are being "paid to study."

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How we built it

I did the interface on Figma, and the back-end guys are working in several things -- CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React.

Challenges we ran into

As I mentioned, I had a collaborator but she left. Fortunately some others came in on the project and have formed a great back end. The MVPs for the MVP. The time zones are an issue, but with communication and flexibility we are solving that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Again mad props to the back end. I have had a lot of fun with the concept and the prototype.

What we learned:

We learned more about Bitcoin cash and cryptocurrency, and ways that it can be used. I had joined hackathon teams before, but had never had much responsibility until now. I just made sure I didn't ask the developers for anything I had never seen in reality somewhere.

What's next for Pangolin II?

One never knows. Something like this could be offered as an optional thing on a platform like Blackboard, perhaps.

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posted an update

I thought about this a bit more and asked myself, well why shouldn't students be paid to study? In many parts of the world, kids have to drop out of school to work and help support their families. More of them could complete their education if they had financial means.

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