A Chrome extension that helps you learn new languages! ¡Extensión de Chrome que te ayuda a aprender nuevos idiomas! Chrome扩展程序,可帮助您学习新的语言! Chrome extension na tumutulong sa iyo matuto ng mga bagong wika! تمديد الكروم التي تساعدك على تعلم لغات جديدة!


Our name and theme were inspired by the Pangolin (also known as the Scaly Anteater, the world's most trafficked animal).

What it does

Pangolang is a Chrome extension that translates random words in web pages you browse into a language you're trying to learn and quizzes you on their meaning later.

How we built it

We used jQuery to choose random words from webpages, JavaScript to change the text formatting, the Bootstrap framework to add popovers containing the translation. We used the Google Translate API to translate the words. Then we used a background JavaScript file to store the words that had previously been translated and Bootstrap again to create popovers containing quiz questions about these previously translated words.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to move content to and from the popovers and the page. The popovers started functioning inconsistently about halfway through our development process and diagnosing the cause was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were well coordinated and managed our time well. We're mostly proud of our teamwork skillz.

What we learned

We learned how to make an extension, about using JavaScript and jQuery. Also from going to workshops we learned about the importance of testing and the future of data storage.

What's next for pangolang

In the future, we are planning to expand support for non-English source languages. Also we are hoping to donate money either through ad revenue or sponsorships to help save pangolins from extinction.

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