One of Kathleen's classmates in high school once wore a really mismatched outfit to class. He was colorblind and thought he looked fine, but was then told by one of his peers that his clothes didn't match at all. He explained that his sister normally helped him out in the mornings, but she hadn't been able to help that morning. If he had this app, he probably wouldn't have to rely on his sister every morning. Basically, accessibility inspired us to make the app. The name inspiration came from pineapple + mango = Pango (our two favorite fruits).

What it does

Users can take a photo of their outfit and the app will tell them whether or not the clothes match based on complementary RGB colors on a RGB colorwheel

How we built it

We made a web app using HTML5

Challenges we ran into

We tried to use react native but no one on the team was familiar with it, so we had to scrap that component of the project. Also none of us had much knowledge of JavaScript so that made programming difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The graphics are cool, and the programmers learned a lot of new skills that probably wouldn't have been taught in class. We also had a great time (and made it through the entire night)!

What we learned

We learned how to use react native slightly better (even if we ultimately didn't use it in the app), and how to do something other than "onclick" in JavaScript

What's next for Pango

We want to keep working on this app as our skills get stronger! Look for us on the app store someday!

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