Inaction when it comes to tangibly contributing to social causes you care about -hard to find nonprofits that match my passions -not sure where my money is going to -low social reward for donating -financial constraints

What it does

Allows users to discover, donate, and engage with the causes they care about -aggregates nonprofits -ease of donating -social media engagement -personal curation -education on social issues -financial transparency

How we built it

We built out a fully functioning prototype in Figma. We also used Sketch and Invision.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Since we hail from the design and prototyping class, we mainly focuses on this aspect of our product.

What we learned

-How design affects the user experience and is integrated in the execution of the business plan.

What's next for Pangaea

-Potential partnerships with Roundup App -Leverage blockchain to track every penny donated -Build out a volunteer feature

Built With

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