Indonesia is a one of the biggest agricultural countries in the world. Most of the Indonesia's population are farmers. Data shows, employment as farmers decreases year by year. Only left 39,7 millions farmers that live in Indonesia. Because, many of them have less prosperous life, don't know how to maximize their harvest, and many more. So, Indonesia can have a food crisis in the future.

What it does

Farmers can maximize the sale of their agricultural produce to other suppliers and others costumers.

How I built it

  1. I get some data from farmers where that I use to develop my applications.
  2. I focus to how to maximize the sale of the crops. If I can maximize it, most of the farmers will get a better life.
  3. I will develop it periodically to solve the farmer's problem maximally.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges that I will facing are :

  1. For out-of-town areas, sometimes will be hard to deliver. Because, it constrained accommodation.
  2. Most of the farmers are using a traditional ways to sell their crops.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishments that I'm proud are : From the survey data, we get the conclusions, among others :

  1. Most of the farmers have a same problem with me.
  2. Most of the farmers want to join with me.

What's next for PanganStore

The next for PanganStore are:

  1. Educate and persuade the farmer to be a successful farmer.
  2. Maximize the supply of meat, fish, and others food.
  3. Build this applications into startup that can useful all of the farmers and government about food.

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