-What it does: We are creating a mental health virtual assistant that asks the user how they are feeling and responds positively to the user's input. If the user's response is negative, the virtual assistant will respond with encouragement. If the user's response is positive, the virtual assistant will respond with an affirmation. The virtual assistant acts as a cheerleader, parent, or friend to the user.

  • Inspiration: The state of mental health in America during covid-19 is a big issue when 53% of US adults report a significant negative impact on mental health, due to covid-19. Many people are feeling lonely due to shelter in place requirements and feel discouraged due to covid-19.

-Challenges we wanted to tackle: the time consuming and money consuming situation of getting an actual counselor and how free counselors (school or community) doesn't have proper training and does not usually help

-What I learned: the importance of counseling and maintenance of mental health

Built With

  • firebase
  • google-actions
  • google-cloud-console
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