We were inspired by the way VR and AR can bring intimacy and deeper understanding to topics that can normally feel detached to a user. The perfect example of this is the environment and climate change. Individuals have a very limited ability to impact climate change on their own, but we are all a part of society and our decisions have a ripple as well as a snowball effect that can really make a big impact.

Thinking of Kant's Categorical Imperative, which is the moral philosophy thought experiment where you consider how society would be affected if everyone were to make the same decision as you, our team wanted to bring that over to something as simple as getting coffee in the morning. If all of society decided to drink coffee in the morning, what would happen to the fields and forests that would be cut down to make room for the plantations?

What it does

Our intention was to create a simulator where users would journey the world that if we don’t take any active decisions in helping the world in being aware of some of the daily things we use or consume due to companies manufacturing, the world will be an environment where we will not be able to co-exist. Humans will most likely go extinct.

We wanted to place users in an everyday scenario that almost feels banal, but offer surprising insight to the user on how it's connected to climate change.

How we built it

Using Quill and Maya to create assets and backgrounds, we imported them into Unity

Challenges we ran into

Merging scenes together, the interaction between objects, Git, Unity Corruption, Wifi issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully animated fire and created stylized 3D backgrounds that immersed the user.

What we learned

We learned how to import Quill assets into Unity and transfer the animation.

What's next for Pandora's Toybox

A more detailed interactive narrative that interconnects and weaves more items together such as meat and electronics. The full-scale animation, branching out different endings in regards to user's choices, and more open scenery. Our development team would love to expand out to more interactive, smooth transitions and in real-time.

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