We're a team of four (questionably) talented students from R.I.T who want to kick the year off right with a fantastic hackathon project. Inspired by Jackbox games, we have created our own game engine that allows users to create their own "Jackbox style" games. Players have the option to use fill in their own or user-generated questions alongside a variety of modifiers like randomizing answer choices, adjusting how much time is allotted, and differentiating between opinion or fact-based questions. Choose your max room size from 1 to 50 people; wrack your brain to think of a funny name and get creating!

What it does

When you log into you can immediately begin by either joining an existing room creating your own room or building a new game entirely from scratch. Each game runs using either prebuilt sets of questions from our user submission page or user submissions gathered during the game. By combining these different "Widgets" and multimedia prompts users can emulate a wide variety of games.

How we built it

The webapp is built using flask with a Jquery front-end and a naitive javascript back-end

Challenges we ran into

Making an entire game engine in 42 hours is what some may consider a mistake. There were simply a lot of moving parts to finish in such a short amount of time. Rushing in some places at the beginning as well as architecture concerns led to some pretty significant structural development challenges

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a functioning game engine in 42 hours.

What we learned

This was the largest project our team has ever undertaken and we learned a lot about architectural design. We also had to learn how to create dynamic and data-driven webpages

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