Pipe is a TradFi startup. Pipe made makes future contract revenue tradeable. They created so much value by creating a market for future contracted revenue that they reached $2bn valuation in < 24 months.

Smart contracts are superior to traditional contracts because of their programmatic certainty. Pando Finance will unlock the potential of web3 by making future smart contract revenue tradeable.

What it does

Pando Finance is a marketplace for future smart contract revenue. It connects participants who deploy capital ("Buyers") with entities that control a wallet address that receives regular smart contract-generated on-chain payments ("Sellers").

How we built it

--Have Seller mint ERC-2891 contract so that royalty payment can happen outside of an exchange --have Buyer bid on the right to receive future royalty payments

Challenges we ran into

This project required our 4 team members to collaborate concisely since we were located in completely opposite timezones from each other. Being able to communicate well was required in order to complete the project on time.

A challenge we confronted was integrating the smart contracts with the front-end website. Ensuring that the correct data is sent to the smart contract was laborious and tedious. However, our clear communication between teammates helped us overcome this challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

--Leverage with new NFT standard --Make future revenue tradeable (a first in DeFi)

What we learned

We improved upon our front-end framework/language skills, and learned how to take advantage of chainlink to improve our project. We also gained experience integrating smart contracts into a front-end project, working with web3 wallets, and developing Solidity smart contracts.

What's next for Pando Finance

--Continue to refine MVP by making protocol revenue tradeable --Select team members are working on Pando Finance as a full time venture

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