Track: Connectivity


Planning get-togethers with my friend group during the pandemic has been rather complicated. Some of them are immunocompromised or live with individuals that are. Because of this, we often have to text individuals to verify their COVID status before allowing them to come to a hangout. This time-consuming and unreliable process inspired me to create PandemicMeet. The theme of this hackathon is exploration and this webapp allows its users to explore without having to worry about potential COVID exposure or micromanaging their guests beforehand.

What it does

This app lets users organize events, invite other users, and verify the COVID and vaccination status of invitees. Once an event is confirmed, invited users will see the event on their account and the organizer can track their guests' statuses to verify the safety of the event.

How we built it

I built a full stack web application using a Flask back-end and Bootstrap front-end. For the database I used a sqlite3 database managed with Flask SQL Alchemy. User's data is stored in 3 separate tables: Users, User_history and Party which store the user info (username, password, email), COVID status history and meeting info respectively.

Challenges we ran into

There were quite a few problems integrating the front-end with the back-end, but I managed to overcome them and make this app work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was my first time using flask and bootstrap and I am rather pleased with the results. This is also my first college hackathon and I think that this is a decent start.

What we learned

Working on this project drastically improved my proficiency with webapp production. I learned how to use bootstrap and flask to create a full stack web application too.

What's next for PandemicMeet

I plan to improve this app by adding more security measures, email notifications, public user profiles as well as deploying on a server being accessible for people around the world.

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