Shravanee and I have had our fair share of frustration while trying to navigate through several webpages while looking for newly released resources related to COVID-19. While brainstorming for an idea, we remembered those vexing lockdown times and imagined what other people in a similar situtation were going through. We realised that COVID-19 was not going to disappear overnight and that is how we came up with PandemicAID.

What it does

PandemicAID works to update users about the latest COVID -19 related information and resources released by the Australian Government. In simple terms, it is a well organized cluster of easy to read, unbiased and legitimate facts and directions to the appropriate websites. We felt that it was necessary to keep people updated and informed about every important milestone in the fight against the pandemic while also providing them with resources to keep themselves safe.

How we built it

The basic tools we used to build the website were HTML and CSS. Shravanee and I divided the different webpages amongst ourselves and we compared design ideas to find a fitting solution. We did a pretty great job with collaborating and pointing out ways to improve the overall project.

Challenges we ran into

We had a few assignments due over the weekend and time was really scarce. We were almost about to give up but we found the motivation to push ourselves to complete a prototype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of how we worked as a team through every part of the process. I am especially proud of how we did not give up till the very end even though the odds were against us and one sleepless night plus a few hours of vigorous designing later, PandemicAID was ready.

What we learned

We learnt that sometimes, the simplest projects can be the most effective. At first, the thought of such a simple project did not seem worth the time, but it is important to consider every scenario while ignoring personal bias.

What's next for PandemicAID

PandemicAID is an ever-evolving website. This prototype can be compared to an ebryonic stage with a great deal of growth and development coming up. With COVID-19 leaving long lasting effects, we want to guide PandemicAID towards becoming possible E-Commerce leader in pandemic and post-pandemic safety equipment.

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