Pandemics are a Global problem yet our responses are localized. Beating a pandemic requires international cooperation and resources. When Countries compete with each other for imported supplies, or local communities compete against world trade, in the end, this inefficiency costs lives. I propose a Decentralized Autonomous Supply Chain Database that can match resource needs based on manufacturing equipment, materials, and product availability.

1.Create a global pandemic supply train of resources, supplies, and manufacturing capabilities. 2.A proactive response to outbreaks by using existing models to contain hotspots. 3.Match needs with resources

What it does

The magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic and the scale of resource coordination required has necessitated an international response. Connecting manufacturing with those who are in need and those who can help. Fulfilling the immediate global supply needs through a global supply chain. This platform would allow for a factory in Paris to pivot from perfume to hand sanitizer and matched with a grocery store in rural Arkansas in need of hand sanitizer for their workforce.

Repurposing helps companies to protect their own workforce and serve the greater good. Repurposing also allows companies to keep production lines up and running in times of low demand, generate moderate revenues, and positively impact their reputation.

Basically to create a global resource to respond to a pandemic. A Pandemic supply that offers every country:

1.Access to global, standardized data 2.Access to a global supply chain 3.Contribution to international reserves 4.Futures trading in international markets * 5.A global response to a global crisis through an international cooperative DAO using AI to model, inform, and manage global resources.

How I built it

I got the data from and processed using python and I built the application by connecting AragonUI, AragonDS, and linking it to React which is linked to AragonCLI which in turn is linked to Ethereum.

Challenges we ran into

Everything I did in this project is new to me because I used a lot of new software and figuring out how Blockchain works itself was a great difficulty.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Passing all the obstacles and successfully running the project.

What I learned

I learned a lot from this project, knowing how to use new software, going out of my comfort zone to create something different and new.

What's next for Pandemic Supply

To be used for a variety of supply chains, but more importantly, to reduce the amount of human bias and mode from the decision chain.

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