Inspiration We were inspired by the recent COVID 19 outbreak. So we wanted to simulate that.

What it does. we model the spread of a pandemic using an interactive graph and realistic assumptions and inputs such as infection radius, initial infected individuals, and transmission rates.

How we built it. We built is using Java, specifically using java.awt and javax graphics.

Challenges we ran into Making the graph itself was extremely hard since you had to translate each coordinate using mathematical equations in order to fit it upon the screen. It didn't help that the coordinate system in java is reflected across the y-axis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We're proud of making the graph itself. Furthermore, we were so proud when the simulation actual worked, and you can customize the inputs. We were proud of its interactive user interface.

What we learned We learned about how to model a pandemic, specifically how factors like distance, infection rate, and remission rates affect how much faster or slower a virus spreads. (small changes in input can result in large changes in what we found).

What's next for Pandemic Simulation. As COVID 19 is still relevant in this time, we want use this program to analyze the next pandemic and use. We could possibly add more factors such as social distancing, vaccination, and population centers.

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