Disaster happens.

Collectively, we are feeling the strain from this global pandemic, this natural disaster, the Coronavirus. People everywhere are experiencing the economic uncertainties and consequences. In the United States, more than 40 million people are unemployed due to COVID-19, and around the world, 1.5 billion children are out of school because of school closures. 145 countries closed their borders, and implemented curfews and mandatory quarantines, and 43 countries implemented shelter-in place orders. Shutting down the global economy comes with the equally dire consequences, including job loss followed by economic recession. Historically recessions have been linked with increased domestic abuse, higher rates of suicide, and more risk for mental health issues, and already we are seeing some of these same effects. Quarantines are the only a stopgap solution to Stopping the Spread.

Yesterday, we sat with the Sword of Damocles, the cold steel “reminder” that used to dangle precariously, that knife edge of “potential pandemic” that swayed overhead. Today, we know well the pandemic consequences of concomitant behaviors, laissez faire attitudes, and packing people into airplanes like sardines into cans. Coronavirus. We weigh our life-altering decisions, carefully, gathering the best information possible. Fortunately, we live in a technological epoch where we have the computational power to focus on any single problem to create actionable solutions.

The global crisis proves the need for disaster readiness programs that teach critical thinking and stress reduction through informed behaviors. Social distancing, face masks, increased hygiene awareness, and self-isolation are all behavioral changes that have been instituted since the pandemic began. These behaviors come about through scientific guidelines suggested by the World Health Organization and are confirmed by scientists globally. Data is the greatest tool that we have in the fight against coronavirus. As new data is obtained and understood, we create new solutions that reflect the current best practices.

How do we get that information to/from the public?

Zeemz: Pandemic Patch is a gamified way for doctors and patients to interact without the need for unnecessary hospital visits. The Zeemz Team is a group of international volunteers who want to build an augmented reality, blockchain game that doubles as a diagnostic tool to reduce the strain on hospitals worldwide.

What it does

Zeemz: Pandemic Patch is an augmented reality, blockchain game that doubles as a diagnostic tool..

For the purpose of COVIDathon, we're developing a blockchain system that rewards verified physicians, who are active answering questions on the network, with ASK and ZMZLR tokens. The public users, who choose to login, will receive ASK and ZMZLR tokens for asking coronavirus questions. Pandemic Patch teaches behaviors that will help reduce the spread of Coronavirus by preventing unnecessary hospital visits, thus Flattening the Curve, and reducing/preventing strain on hospitals.

After COVIDathon, in Pandemic Patch, players will be introduced to a Coronavirus scenario and given multiple choices. Each choice will trigger a consequence that may/may not Flatten the Curve. When players make decisions that Push the Peak, they are subsequently presented with another set of decisions they can take to Flatten the Curve. Players that take actions to Flatten the Curve, are rewarded with in-game loot. The desired game actions will be customizable by doctors, while our AI (IRIS-med) will customize training based on best data, prior decisions, and doctor recommendations. The game actions will be rewarded with cryptocurrency that can be used to buy/sell/trade in-game items. We're working on the smart contracts behind the game, utilizing the latest coronavirus information from AskCo19, developing the Zeemz Quest Maker module for doctors to create augmented reality actions the patients can take. In the near future, we’ll model those actions with IRIS-med, the AI running ZEEMZ Underwater Laboratories (the reward system controller).

Pandemic Patch Walkthrough - 2 Minute

Pandemic Patch Walkthrough - 5 minute

How we built it

HTML, CSS, JS, React, Ethereum (Solidity), Firebase, Infura, Web3, love, coffee, Zoom, Github, Discord, Google Drive, Slack, Flow (Cadence)

Intended Initial Flow of Pandemic Patch website

  1. Sign up
    a. Patient
    b. Physician
  2. Patient AskCo19 Island Map - default Patient Home
    a. Hospital - connects to IRIS-med, relays patient quest status to AskCo19 AI
    b. Pharmacy / Stores - issuing prescriptions across borders is an interesting issue, we haven’t solved yet; so, use caution while visiting stores
    c. Grocery - order your groceries online; play health games and win tokens that can be redeemed for groceries
    d. Park - stretch your legs, learn about nature (plants and animals), relax with virtual friends during “movie night at the park”
    e. Energy Station - Gas, electric, human energy boosts, learn about alternative energy and level up; get daily Kitty Vortex energy boost (CryptoKitties integration)
  3. Physician AskCo19 Island Map - default AskCo19 Island Hospital (aka AI Hospital)
    a. Office - connects to IRIS-med (Zeemz AI), relays doctor quest status to AskCo19 AI
    b. Exam rooms - tokenized telemedicine to reward doctors & patients for their time & data
    c. Personal Notes - encrypted notepad for doctors to keep their findings before they’re ready to share to IRIS-med
    d. Emergency - report an emergency to local emergency services

Build Notes:

Zeemz: Pandemic Patch is a WIP that is not ready for deployment. That said, significant pieces of the Pandemic Patch puzzle have already been assembled. They are located in the Github repo (see below) for anyone to use. Finally, we're working on the first scenarios for agent-based decision trees where the patient's must decide to wear face mask, observe social distancing, or wash their hands. These initial scenarios will act as models for the design of the Zeemz: Quest Maker module where doctors will be able to interface with their own AI, create tasks and task series, and examine AI findings and patient quest results.

In Zeemz: Pandemic Patch, players earn cryptocurrency while teaching & learning about Coronavirus. New players may not know what to do with their newly earned cryptocurrency. In Zeemz: Pandemic Patch, players that click on the Vault icon will be taken to the DeFi section of the Zeemz game. In the Vault, they'll be able to learn about traditional banking as well as banking alternatives like Bitcoin. We're interested in integrating with AAVE protocol to provide a testnet learning experience for our players to go on DeFi quests where they'll earn mainnet tokens (ASK, ZMZLR, and ZMZB). After playing Zeemz, players can make better decisions in how to use AAVE or other defi solutions.

AskCo19 Island Map

Build Links

Zeemz: Pandemic Patch github
ZPP integration
IRIS-med IRIS AI medical component
Zeemz Core Solidity contracts
Zeemz Announcement github

Challenges we ran into

Zeemz: Pandemic Patch is a fledgling project with ambitious goals and an international team of volunteers. We faced difficulties coordinating meetings around international time zones and varied work schedules. We also faced challenges reducing the larger game system, Zeemz: The Versipisces Secret, into a faucet wireframe and a hospital RPG Zeemz: Pandemic Patch. Learning to articulate the elevator pitch helped with pin-pointing the elements the faucet needed. We also had issues with the ABIs not functioning as expected. We also ran into some issues testing AAVE and were unable to get the testnet to function (couldn't get passed the load screen) with our equipment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Zeemz Team is proud of participating in a global effort to address the CoVID-19 crisis. While the Lockdowns pulled us from our normal routines, we’ve met and brainstormed with amazing, talented people with their own visions, and desires for a more prepared future. With an international team of experts, we've converted a privately developed pet project into an open source project.

What we learned

The world is ready for augmented games that teach critical thinking in disaster situations. And, the economic crisis has shown that people are ready for online ways of learning skills and earning incomes.

What's next for Pandemic Patch - Augmented Reality Game

Zeemz Team is working on a revolutionary project to fully gamify life.

Imagine receiving completion certificates from schools by fulfilling class requirements through game play. The long term goal is to gamify learning, create opportunities for the students to make decisions, learn from the consequences, while also teaching them about digital assets and financial management.

[ ] The game will look into adapting the scenarios to culturally specific environments in order to create relatable scenarios for players all over the world. This will increase complexity, but also real life accuracy of the game's predictive power.
[ ] Connect the game to the blockchains it will run on and integrate with: Ethereum (game logic, faucet tokens (ASK, ZMZLR, ZMZB)), Flow (Zeemz Characters and Resources), Singularity AI (AI Marketplace)
[ ] Integrate other blockchain games (CryptoKitties, CryptoZombies, Decentraland, Sandbox)
[ ] Integrate AAVE protocol for lending/borrowing DeFi Quests
[ ] Integrate other simulations (school, government, shopping)
[ ] Create new simulations gathered from data collected in the Quests
[ ] Integrate AR peripherals to collect patient actions
[ ] Integrate AR assets for player interactions (ex. the view from Zeemz: Space Observatory
[ ] Connect the game to IRIS-med the AI we plan on building with SingularityNET’s AI developer’s platform
[ ] Deck out the expansion pack Zeemz: After Lockdown
[ ] Use 20% of in-game fees to help RESQ plant trees to prevent the spread of other viruses as result from loss of wildlife habitat. These locations will become Zeemz Agroforests where Zeemz players can unlock quests about the natural habitat, exercises, therapy, meditation, and climate positive actions.

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posted an update

Welcome to the Zeemz Team: Grace K, Raghu Ramaiah, Pradhumna Pancholi, and Aradhana Chaturvedi. We're an international team of volunteers working to create an augmented reality, blockchain game to reduce hospital congestion, address social isolation, and to teach best practices for preventing the spread.

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posted an update

Zeemz Team is excited to welcome Sarah Dyson, Alec Balasescu, Rachel J. Salomonsen, Brahma Sen, and Kat Harkness to Pandemic Patch.Together, we are developing game scenarios that reduce hospital congestion by teaching behaviors for Stopping the Spread and Flattening the Curve.

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