n light of the COVID19 pandemic that is affecting the world, our team at Accubits has made it a mission to help with two key pro-bono initiatives: Our R&D arm, Accubits Invent had paused its current research to uncover the antiviral potential of some pre-existing drug molecules towards the novel Coronavirus. Our research findings can be found HERE. We have also developed a Pandemic Management System. We are working to deploy it in Italy in the coming weeks. The platform is aimed at helping authorities of various governments to help flatten the curve of the outbreak by: Helping citizens with a self-diagnosis tool Providing a blockchain-based digital health card for every citizen based on the current health condition Alerting citizens when entering a hazardous zone or in close proximity to an infected person(s) Helping government health care track primary, secondary and tertiary contacts of newly identified cases using GIS, telecom and Bluetooth data and also conduct automated exposure analysis Providing healthcare professionals with an easy platform to manage cases and track key information Alerting officials if self-isolation/quarantined cases are moving out of their zones, etc. Enabling economic activity through risk-free commute and mobility of citizens using digital health cards

we are gearing up to manage any future Pademic through our management system

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