Did you ever wait in line for testing and you wished, that you were home, warm. Not here in a cold. I know I have. Many times during this waiting period, I asked myself: "Why is this moving so slow." When I got to the front, I got my answer.

There were two factors.

First was, that test was taking some time, which I can't do anything about.

And second. Scribing credential information on paper of all things. In this day and age.

And there, idea was born.

What it does

Application works as an interface that works with the database of tested people.

For regular users (regular Joseph), It can be used for checking their status. This significantly boosts comfort of testing, because it eliminates the waiting period after getting results of the test after testing.

For advanced users (civil servants), It serves as a tool for easy check on a person. Just quick type-in or scan and you can see the test result of said person.

For more advanced users (doctors), It's a form, in with which they can update or set records of tested subjects, they are testing, but also has functionality of advanced users.

Challenges we ran into

These days, with COVID-19 outside, communication is slacking. It wasn't too bad, but it was noticeable.

Also, distractions. Unlike other hackathons, which were hosted under one roof. This house is full of distractions. Mother wants this; father wants that, and you, the good guy you are, has to comply because it is in your nature.

But to the specific challenges, API, as easy it was to create, it was twice that hard to implement. Many problems arose, latency, CORS, wrong inputs,... just the mess.

[~Adam] Git, as awesome this tool is, it's also insufferable to use with me. Somehow on multiple occasions, I managed to push unmerged data, leaving my team screaming at me and me trying to scramble whatever I could. It was not a good day to be me.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud, that it's actually working how it supposes to. Qr-code is running how it should be, with it checking patients is 10 times more easier. Also, API is working, and best of all. It doesn't crash when it starts! Amazing.

On serious note, something we are proud of is our design. Application looks dashing and UX is in my opinion also great.

What's next for Pandemic Control

Many ideas where born in this week, such as saving data in storage about your status, so you can check it offline. Or webadmin, which can look into the database, make statistics, change users privileges'. There was also this idea about using GPS. And in case you are distance away from your home, it would ping you and say: "Stop screwing around and get back inside!" Ideas, ideas, ideas...

But also for the future of this project is to sell it. Of course.

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