Our inspiration for this application was a result of our experience with the recent COVID-19 Pandemic and reading local and national stories of how different areas handled the homeless population. In addition to the Pandemic we experienced one of the worst Hurricane seasons in memory and at present there are over 5000 people displaced just in Louisiana. We wanted to provide an easily modified application to suit the need to house the displaced or Homeless and track the data to determine if we are meeting basic needs and if we can assist with other needs during such a trying time in our country.

Pandemic Sheltering allows the owner to quickly reserve a room/location for a person/family then route them to Intake completion where Additional Personal Information, Emergency Contact Information and Medical Information is gathered and recorded in QuickBase. Once a resident or family is in the room, staff conducts daily rounds to ensure meals are delivered, Laundry is provided, there have been no adverse Medical conditions since last round etc. The ultimate goal is to work with a Case Manager to determine what needs we may be able to assist the with and hopefully Rehouse the individual or family.

Pandemic Sheltering is the result of collaborative effort of our team but was built using primarily Out of the Box QuickBase Functionality with a bit of js thrown in to provide Audience filtering on Buttons, and some MicroSoft Integration to Teams and Outlook.

I think our biggest challenge was the Audience filtering, Teams Integration or truly our biggest challenge was time to work on the app outside of our normal daily tasks.

We are very proud to have built an APP that can truly help people and as far as development accomplishments we are proud of the way the permissions are Hotel base including the Hotel Buttons for Enterprise managers as if a User is a manager of more than a single Hotel then they are assigned the Enterprise Role but will only see the Hotels to which they have access. We learned a ton of tricks in this build and got more familiar with QuickBase.

If we had time we would like to add in MicroSoft Power BI reporting on a Dashboard, Possibly build a connector to Hotel sites that would allow us to quickly pull rooms and load the tables. Add ability to designate a floor or area as a Quarantine area. Add more audience filtering and the ability to Add A hotel that would fire a web-hook to create the page template and update the filtered buttons for Hotels so this could all occur by just adding the hotel.

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