We believe in transparency and integrity of information when it comes to pandemic diseases that can affect millions of individuals around the world. As blockchain use is becoming more and more widespread, the immutability and transparency of data that the platform brings can be used to help track, predict and prevent various diseases. Recent epidemics of re-emerging infections such as Ebola and Zika have raised many concerns in health security. Current tracking systems lack scalability, security, interoperability. The lack of timely detection has been demonstrated where manual reporting is being done.

What it does

Pandemic Blockchained is an affective platform to improve both the authenticity and transparency of the data. The application is used to report detected cases of various dangerous diseases and viruses by verified sources such as hospitals, clinics and labs. The information provided is made public through the blockchain platform and it is used to map out the points of origin, spread of these diseases and further more, be used through machine learning and AI to predict and prevent the future spread and learn more about the characteristics of these viruses.

How I built it

The decentralized application is build on the Ethereum Network using a smart contract (Solidity). Ganache Truffle Framework was used to create an Ethereum client for development purposes. The front-end of the application is build using React JS and Google Maps API.

Challenges I ran into

One of the main challenged we ran into was setting up the testing environment with Truffle. We also had problems with integrating markers in Google Maps with React.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a working prototype using technology new to both of us and learning about Blockchain technology and being part of the community.

What I learned

Domain knowledge of the blockchain technology and learned to used Ethereum Network along with smart contracts, Ganache Truffle Framework and React.

What's next for Pandemic Blockchained

Using machine learning and AI to gain insights from the acquired data and predict and prevent future pandemic diseases and viruses. The next step is to polish up the prototype and find sponsors with similar interests to take the app to the next phase.

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