We are in the middle of a pandemic and millions of people lost their job and facing financial issues. More and more people are in quarantine, and it also became a norm to stay and spend more time inside. This situation is what ‘us’, as students, are facing these days as well. Our team members have been in quarantine for two weeks or have seen friends got covid and be in quarantine for a while. Being quarantine in a small room for a couple of weeks is actually happening around us, and we know how it feels. Our team wanted to encourage and help those our friends, neighbors, and any other people by providing our ‘Pandemic Relief Museum’ service. Our project will give Covid19-patients, who are in quarantine, the opportunities to earn some money as well as keep their psychological status stable by networking with each other. {CIA} Method Creative, Innovation, and Action

What it does

The purpose of the “Pandemic Relief Museum” is to provide Covid-patients a minor alternative job and relief. We provide a marketplace service where Covid-patients and collectors can meet, sell, invest, and own the art easily. Covid-patients will upload their art piece to our website or via the app, then the collectors can easily invest or buy the artworks they like. There are two options for Covid-patients to gain art supplies: first, use their own supplies or buy from other e-commerce. Second, buy the art supplies package from us. Pandemic Relief Museum also has a ‘blog’ function. Here, Covid-patients can share their experiences, thoughts, and emotions. This networking place will prevent them to feel depressed and lonely. There is a ‘resource’ place where people can see information related to Covid such as the live daily number of new cases and some useful healthcare centers where they can get supports. Eventually, Pandemic Relief Museum will not only help Covid-patients financially but also will encourage Covid-patients to endure the quarantine period well and raise their social responsibility awareness.

How I built it

Android App using javascript and website using AWS, HTML, and CSS also using a template.

Challenges I ran into

Lois - I am new to the coding-world so it was challenging for me to use Html and Django platform at first. Also the time pressure was challenging. Jesselynn - Challenges I faced was troubleshooting the e-commerce platform with Django and python code. Though my problem was not solved, it truly changed my direction to tackle the problem.
Aryash - The major challenge I ran into was to make the database online on firebase retrieving images from the database to a recycler view. Harshit - Deploying the django website on AWS on nginx server and apache server but at the end we did something different.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Lois - I am glad to get involved in some code works as a non-tech student. Also, I am proud to actively involved in this project and contribute to our team. Jesselynn - Design a visual mock-up using UX/UI design. That sample lead us towards an app and a website. Troubleshoot problems in my code that took a enormous amount of time Aryash - Pulled a 40 hour no sleep coding session Harshit -I learnt about nginx and apache server.

What I learned

Lois - I learned that code can actually make my thoughts or ideas into real. It was great to work in a team environment and brainstorm together to draw the better solution/results. I learned a lots form the other teammates and it really widen my perspectives. Also, It is my first hackathon and it really introduce me well to the coding-world.
Jesselynn - I learned how important teamwork is. It truly changes the dynamic of workflow because we had a goal in mind, which is to develop an app as well as a website to sell fine art for Covid-19 patients. In the end, as a team, it was a great success to have accomplished that goal. Aryash - Improved my concepts in working with firebase and also practiced my UI/UX Design. Harshit - Working in a team and time management of course. This is really a new experience for me. This is my First Hackathon.

What's next for Pandemic Art Museum

We believe there is enormous potential for this project to be growth. For now, due to the lack of time and resources, we only focused on patients who got a Covid19. However, more people need to be in quarantine during this pandemic; 1. People with an extreme symptom- hospitalized 2. People who contacted a person or group has a Covid19. 3. Travelers 4. People who prefer to stay inside due to the fear of Covid19. Except for the case of people with an extreme symptom, we thought we can expand our business by providing the rest of the group ‘Art Quarantine Program.’ We, as a company, will provide the art supplies and live video lessons that last for a couple of days during the quarantine period. Then the people who need to be in quarantine will purchase our program. There are possibilities to gain sponsors from art industries for the lesson; this can also encourage the (fine) art industries, and get sponsors from other healthcare centers. However, we still need to develop and strengthen our system. For example, we need to develop a verification process to check if the person is actually Covid19 patients. Also, we will add the cryptocurrency function for the payment method. Even today, the number of new cases in the US is growing. More and more people will visit our website and app to do the artworks during their boring quarantine period as well as to interact with people who are in a similar situation with them.

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