Many people fear the possibliity of disease, and wonder what they would do if an outbreak were to occur. Pandemic crowd-sources this scenario, making players work with others who are not infected to outlast the disease closing in around them.

We were inspired by the possibility of a disease outbreak on Carnegie Mellon’s campus. In our app, we create a precarious first-person situation in which players need to survive in an infectious environment - where the disease can spread to anyone carrying a phone (with the app). Players are at risk of infection whenever they are too close to an infected player, which the app determines by communicating with a central server that holds GPS and player data. This data is sent to players in real-time in the form of warnings and a map displaying healthy and diseased player nodes. Interacting with other players who aren’t yet infected will increase your odds of survival. If you’ve ever moved around and wondered how likely it would be to contract and spread a highly contagious disease, Pandemic ominously mimics this phenomenon.

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