What's the problem:

Facing the pandemic, it is basically inevitable for MDs to get lost and forgotten in between the multiple challenges they are facing. This is a situation not to be accepted.

Here's our solution:

We created PandemiaHub – a platform designed to meet the concrete everyday needs of MDs actively fighting the pandemic, first and foremost in hospitals. It is based on three columns of support for them:

A) CoronaCounsel: The "CoronaCounsel" is a database provided by PandemiaHub, consisting of renowned clinical COVID-19 experts from around the world. They can be contacted from advice-seeking MDs via the platform in order to get hands-on help with their cases.

B) CoronaCard: The transfer of the medical history and risk factors from patient to doctor often takes a long time. That’s how we created an interactive form documenting the holder’s medical history and risk factors. The „CoronaCard“ form is freely available to all visitors of PandemiaHub.

C) You'll never walk alone: Doctors are also mentally struggling with the many insecurities in the treatment of COVID-19-patients. Self-care is easily forgotten while making shifts on ICU. To meet this situation, we created the feature "CoronaCare". It is based on a supervision and self-care service accessible via PandemiaHub.

What have we done during EUvsVirus?

We managed to accomplish the following during the EUvsVirus-Hackathon:

  • a working prototype of the PandemiaHub platform with an interactice case file form and dummy cases
  • a protoype of the CoronaCard, already validated by senior MDs; the feature is almost ready for implementation
  • a working concept for the CoronaCare-feature with easy-to-implement ways to bring it into life
  • promising concepts for business and implementation, like a bonus and rating system and the necessity of cooperation with high-impact health organisations
  • inspirational exchange with our mentors Nagendras and Hannah Bock-Koltschin => thanks so much, you two! :)

The impact of PandemiaHub:

PandemiaHub is thought to become a well-known hub to go to as an advice-seeking MD. It is thought to become the place where you can find practical help and support in order to improve your own and simultaneously your patient's well-being and outcome. The impact of CoronaCounsel would be a mutual one on the MDs and the patients they care for, based on much-needed know-how transfer. The impact of the CoronaCard would, even more so if the word was spread by high-range institutions and governments, be huge for a simple measure like that.
The impact of supervision and self-care might not be easily measured, but is confirmed by many studies.

What do we need in order to bring the project into life?

We have come to the point now where we are done with the concept and idea and developed first prototypes, meaning a Beta-Version of the platform and the CoronaCard form. We would need professional support now concerning business options and marketing – though we've already made first promising contacts with the WHO and the German health system. We do have a large community of MDs we spread the word in already. But we would still need to raise more attention. We would also need support with developing/programming the forum and the real-time communication pathways to be able to implement it during the next month. Data protection and legal guidelines are also important issue we would like to receive advice in. To build a bigger team, we would also need a reasonable amount of funding in order to pay the people helping us. We are thinking about two more teammates to help us with PR and the implementation of the platform. We would continue to work unsalaried for a start.

PandemiaHub's value after the crisis:

The exchange of clinical know-how is just as important as staying updated in scientific medicine. This clinical exchange is offered in the CoronaCounsel and could therefore easily be maintained when the crisis is over. The improvement of the workflow concerning the medical knowledge transfer between the patient and the MD is also a necessity that existed before the crisis and will still do afterwards – the CoronaCard helps out with that. Though the mental challenges through COVID-19 are exceptional to a broad range of MDs, working on ICU can be equally demanding during "normal" times. Thus, supervision and in-shift self-care will never be out of need.

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