What's the problem?

Switzerland isn’t just famous for chocolate and cows, but also for it’s one of a kind democracy. Politics is put on hold because of covid-19. Some parliaments around the world still meet in person and are setting a conflicting signal to the general public.

What did we build?

pandemia-parliament is an online space where parliamentary business can be conducted in a safe, transparent fashion. The focus is to show case how a parliamentary session could feel like online.

Why is it important?

Parliaments should be able to debate and decide also during this time. By staying home, they lead by example and prove that digitalisation has arrived. We had a lot of talks with Swiss parliamentarians and we see that there's a huge interest in this topic and that they need a future proof solution!

What's next for pandemia-parliament.ch

Our next step is to bring the showcase to a MVP Level that can be thoroughly tested by members of parliament. if you’re a politician waiting to get back into session, get in touch and help us bring this to reality!

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