We are a bunch of young people who on the one hand want to respect the measures taken by our government in order to slow down the transmission, but on the other hand would also like continue to meet our friends in a safe way. "Who said that a pandemic can stop you from meeting your friends?!"

What it does

PandeMeet is a mobile application which turns scientifically proven preventive measures into a fun game and allows people who take regular precautions to safely meet with their friends. The app awards/subtracts points based on the users’ daily actions and the score identifies them as «safe/almost safe/unsafe» to meet.

How we built it

  • We first developed a point system which consists of an entry questionnaire taking into account the behaviour of the last two weeks and a diary questionnaire to capture the daily behaviour, then calibrated the point system and implemented it into code. The point system is based on three main categories: general health, lifestyle and movement and social contact.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We developed a basic mobile app and a consistent point system, which can track user behaviour and distinguish exemplary from improper behaviour and thereby allow to recognize which friends are safe to meet.

Challenges we ran into

  • The initial calibration of the PandePoints system was quite challenging and so was the development of the app itself in such as short time.

What we learned

  • Hackathon is fun!! :-)
  • It is possible to develop something cool remotely within only 48h.

What's next for PandeMeet@CoronaEdition

In case we get the chance to further develop the app we would do the following:

  • Create login with email & telephone number
  • Create my PandeProfile (change username, reset password, etc.) with particular attention to GDPR
  • Finetune the PandePoints system, so the score and the resulting category are reliable.
  • Implement a way the user can see the changes (and the reasons of those changes) in their PandeScore
  • Regular push notifications to remind for self-reporting for better data accuracy
  • Inform PandeBuddies if a user has developed symptoms and/or if the user met infected people
  • Solve the issue of the currently unaccounted risk for household members who don’t use the PandeMeet yet
  • Suggest places to meet which are not crowded / where there are no infected people based on geo-localization
  • Using bluetooth, the phone vibrates if you get to close with your PandeBuddy during a physical meeting

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