We were inspired by the evolving industries and how to make jobs more accessible for minorities, homeless, immigrants, and others. This helps get more diverse people in the workforce and lessens recruiting methods from excluding minorities while also helping these groups be more upwardly mobile by making them more digitally involved.

What it does

Pandaploy is an Artificial Intelligence SMS chatbot that gives anyone job hunting support by giving relevant jobs to you and helping with resumes and other job counseling services.

How I built it

We used IBM Watson, Node.js, Twilio, and express

Challenges I ran into

Node.js programming being unfamiliar to us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How much we got working in one day and how we can help people with this product. Also we are really proud of our logo and mascot that we made!

What I learned

Teamwork! Node.js. IBM Watson

What's next for Pandaploy

Further AI training, up to date jobs using linkedin api, and using LinkNYC

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