All team members were affected by the current pandemic and were excited to join forces and work in the collaborative spirit on the solution. We were especially alarmed about the current situation on medical supply market. We were forced to stay at home and had helplessly to look at others situation, especially within the health care sector.

What it does

Our solution addresses the formulated problem in topic 101. It brings together health care professionals and wider health care ecosystem (material and personell).

We address 3 problems: Secure the health of healthcare staff itself by having a possibility to get safety material like masks. Having all possibilities to do medical care (personal staff, material, drugs). Helping companies in Switzerland with a platform to support the healthcare branch and at the same time rescue itself from the financial crisis by new production.

How we built it

We established the business canvas, identified the essential user stories and depolyed a first version of PandaLogica. Together with external mentors and potential users - especially out of the health care business - we defined the MVP.

Challenges we ran into

The whole work had to be done online. Adjust to each other styles. To keep up active listening.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We came up with a running demo of our solution. Not any hard spoken word during 3 days. Trying to understand the problem before starting to discuss the solution. Especially by listening to and collaborating with external health care professionals and even suppliers (brewery producing disinfectant). Process and evolution of elaborating the business model with the business model canvas.

Extraordinary team spirit!

What we learned

Acquired new skills: online collaboration, gaining team dynamics and assessing individual strengths. Using new tools like zoom, miro, slack, hangout and powtoon.

What's next for PandaLogica

Develop a Proof of Concept and prove if the the MVP is working and gets accepted by the market and stakeholders.

Built With

  • create-react-app
  • react.js
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