Poor and undeveloped countries hardest hit not only by pandemic - by any armed conflicts, economic crisis, climate change and not have access to essential medicines. Charitable organizations ready to help - they investigate where help is needed the most, develop a program, post an open request to the world how society can contribute and support them. Imagine thousands of Charitable organizations worldwide with millions of requests to help - but there is no platform which able to collect and proceed with all these requests.

Some hospitals need expensive respiratory and cardiac support equipment, but somewhere doctors happy to have just sanitizer, medical gloves and mask for them. We want to help - but first, we need to know where our help is needed. Our solution is a platform, which collects all requests from CO and connects with people and businesses ready to help.

In Ukraine most help in urgent situations is done by volunteers, but it is usually organized by using Facebook posts or google docs. Which leads to duplication and inefficient help response. We provide a platform to centralize help by volunteering organizations in one place.

What it does

It's a platform that allows you to see active requests from different cities and organizations in one place. If you want to help - you can easily navigate and get contacts and help directly. Organizations have separate space and can create and manage requests from those who need(currently hospitals), as most hospitals work directly with organizations.

How I built it

Now we have only design prototype and plan to build the first MVP soon

Challenges I ran into

The first try was to give a tool to the endpoint - hospitals, so they could publish there needs. Also, we thought to use existing solutions. We tried to set up Hospital Run and adjust to our idea - but run into technical issues with adapting it. But it turned out hospitals don't want a public tool, partly as it's hard for them to integrate or manage, partly for political reasons. So we changed our approach to work with non-profit and volunteer organizations and help them manage and run their activities more efficiently.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We gathered feedback about the platform from a lot of organizations and volunteers in Ukraine - UNICEF, Patients of Ukraine, Svoi, Razom 2020, Ukrainian Volunteer Service, Volunteers of RNBO, etc

What I learned

That we have to be efficient and keep intro short

What's next for PandAid

Build the first version to start helping

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