Did the Quickbooks reconciliation every month or every two weeks and thought there must be a better way to automate this process so that I didn't have to do this manually.

What it does

Basically, will add your POS, eCommerce transactions in QuickBooks,Xero, Wave and connect to your bank accounts and make sure it can reconcile them. It will also try to forecast cashflow and inventory from your past data and give you some business insights on you are doing and how you may do in the future.

How I built it

I started with connecting various APIs and then added a workflow UI so that I could create customer workflows.

Challenges I ran into

The APIs are very different for different apps so in-order to make them in the same format using OpenAPI - it was a lot of work

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am able to create all kinds of workflows to automate everyday tasks that saves us tons of time

What I learned

I am learning how SMBs are trying to create new business opportunities moving everything online.

What's next for Pandaflow

We are planning to help SMB get enterprise type tools so that they can automate their day to day business process.

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